Furry Tail Rocket

This rocket features the Sizzling streaking 'Furry' Tail effect, which makes THIS rocket stand out from the rest. Not too noisey so the kids will love them. Packets of 6

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A great Hopkee product! We have stocked this brand since 2020, and this is a great unique little rocket. Enjoy the high-quality performance of this product!

6 different Effects:
1. Red Palm to Crackling w/Crackling Tail
2. Silver Palm to Blue Stars w/ Silver Tail
3. Purple Stars to Crackling w/ Crackling Tail
4. Red, Green, Blue Stars w/ Silver Tail
5. Red Stars to Silver Glittering w/ Silver Tail
6. Crackling Chrysanthemum w/Crackling Tail
Packet of 6

Packet of 6