Sky High

This is all about the cool sound effect! Another really cool effect and the crowd will go wild when they hear the totally unique howling sound. These shots go SKY HIGH and end with a sky blue & silver strobe burst. It’s a must-have SOUND effect. Note - there is one in the Pro Pack.

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1.032 kg

One of Bright Star's custom-made retail multi shots, with professional display effects.

Effect: NEW in Australian! We are so proud of finally bringing this effect to backyards across Tasmania.

10 whistling silver spiralling comets launch high, then surprise you with a big burst at the top. The effect makes a cool, HOWLING SOUND. While everyone’s favourite effects are the big bursts, it’s these effects in a show that make sure it’s entertaining and memorable.

The Pace – is steady so you can enjoy the strange but cool effect and follow each silver comet trail.

The Sky High is one of the 9 awesome multi shots in the Pro Pack, it’s one of the stand-out SOUND cakes in the Assortment.

TIP – Make a feature section in your show by getting say 3 and set up 3 launch points, fire electronically with our consumer firing systems, and now you have a wall of this effect. It will look bigger, spaced out approximately 5m apart.