Frequently Asked Questions

About Permits

How do I get a permit?

– The Permit Applications are on our website. Click here to the link. Simply complete it and lodge it at Service Tasmania. We (Bright Star Fireworks) cannot accept or process your permit form.

What do you need to get a fireworks permit?

– Please read the permit form – Click here to the link.
Land: 50m from any house, plus other requirements shown on page 7 of the permit form Click here to the link.

If I don’t own enough land, or I am in a restricted area, but my friend / relative does, can I use their property?

– YES, You nominate another property provided you have landowner consent.

How much does a Fireworks Permit cost?

– The Government charges $74.00 (in 2015).

Can I get any fireworks without a permit?

– No, you need a permit for all fireworks.

Can you post Fireworks to VIC/NSW etc?

– Definitely not.

Can you help me with notifications?

– YES, for Cracker Night and NYE Displays only, we will issue a general public notice in your locally distributed newspaper which will alert government agencies (Police Fire and Municipal Council). However you need to complete the rest of the notifications yourself as per Part 4, Section 7 of the Permit form.

About Purchasing Fireworks

Do you have any physical shops ?

– No, we only have our online shop. Pre order online then collect at the collection depot you nominated.

How do I order my fireworks?

– There are 2 options:

  • Use the Shopping Cart on the website.
  • Call us on 0429640715 and we can take your order

Do I have to pay for my fireworks when I order?

– You only pay on collection of your fireworks.

Is there a limit to the quantity I can buy?

– Yes, you are limited to 20Kg. The online shopping cart automatically calculates your weight and rejects the order if the weight is over 19 Kg (to allow space for the free pack).

Can I order before receiving my permit?

– Yes you can, its a great way to reserve your stock as some items may run out if you wait until later to order. If it turns out that you dont get your permit, you can cancel anytime.

Can I cancel my order?

– Yes, just reply/forward your order confirmation email to crackernight@bright-star.com.au and state that you wish to cancel the order.

How do I order when I dont have internet?

– Just call 0429640715 and place your order over the phone. If you can supply an email we can send an electronic order confirmation.

What if I want to add more?

– It is easiest to just create another order.

About Collecting Fireworks

What payment options are there?

– Cash and EFTPOS. Credit Cards have a 1% surcharge.

What do I need to bring for collection?

– The permit holder will need to bring his permit, drivers licence, and payment.