How to get a Permit & Buy Fireworks
  • You need a permit to purchase all consumer fireworks.
  • We have an online store ONLY and take orders that we pre-pack in Hobart.
  • The public can only get Type 2 Permits ONCE a year now at Cracker Night, so make the most it!

Cracker Night 2021 Permit COMING SOON. To Keep informed make sure you are signed up to our Newsletter. 

PLEASE NOTE: For cracker night, fireworks are only available to the public of Tasmania and a permit is required to both purchase and use fireworks.
We cannot sell or send fireworks to the public outside of Tasmania. 

Fireworks and permits are only available to Tasmanian residents

Bright Star Fireworks

We conduct professional fireworks displays and retail fireworks to the public in Tasmania. We are the biggest retailer of fireworks in Tasmania, and the only Tasmanian based professional fireworks company in Tasmania.

We are committed to safety and our proud of our customers excellent safety record over the years. We offer the retail of fireworks through our virtual shop, and our customers absolutely love it.

“We are passionate about retail fireworks as this experience allows people to really have a lot more fun than just watching from the sidelines.”

Key steps to get your Fireworks


Organise your PERMIT. Click here for the permit form. Call or email us if you have any queries, we are happy to help out.


Order your FIREWORKS through our online shop but don’t worry you don’t need to pay for them now. Process your order and we will contact you with the details.


Collect your FIREWORKS. We have 17 different locations and dates to make it easy to find the time to pick up and pay for your order. We accept cash and also have eftpos facilities.


Enjoy your FIREWORKS with friends and family! Have a great time and play safe.

Fireworks Store

We have an extensive choice of quality fireworks that will explode into a thrill of excitement for your family and friends. Have a browse through our selection and start getting excited today.

Cracker Night 2021 Permit COMING SOON

To keep informed make sure you are signed up to our Newsletter