• HAPPY FINGER – Fountain Pack

    Fountain Pack - if you love fountains, or you just want something low level for your show, this is the pack.
  • Kids Fun Assortment

    A great fun pack for the little people to enjoy watching, no big noises, just colour and wow!
  • Macarena Baby Bucket – 99% Ground Effects !

    Kids love the clear plastic bucket and enjoy the fireworks inside even more! Small fountains, ground spinners, novelties, smoke, and ONE quiet aerial. This assortment replaces the old Variety Pack for those that have been buying fireworks from us forever. 1 Aerial 10 Fountains 27 Other - ground based items. Total of 38 items.
  • Pyro Time Assortment – 2020

    This is the new assortment for 2020, it replaces the Aussie Showtime which we have all seen enough off after 3 years.  This assortment has awesome new effects from our new supplier, plus our custom made cakes (Neon Lights, Wipe Out, Sonic Blast, Maximum Payload), which pack a punch.  16 cakes in this assortment, with doubles of the best ones, so you can super charge or repeat best effects.  Its for the audience that wants to put on a Show!
  • The Six Pack

    6 Multi-shots - Small to medium mult- shots, a nice variety of aerial effects. This item is part of the FREE PACK for Cracker Night 2019.