• Aussie Showtime 2018

    24 Multi Shots, 3 Mines. Duration up to 8-12 minute show.  This assortment is the classic DISPLAY, its all aerial and give a variety of effects to maximise entertainment for your audience, and of course some finale pieces to end the show on a high!!! We have arranged a suggested firing list for your convenience, or make up your own. If you want to fire the show remotely, you need 2 firing systems and 25 igniters, and just hand fire the first 3 items! (since 2 firing systems have 24 cues).  See the performance of the best multi shots in the assortment in the Multi Shot category.
  • Big Daddy Pack – Ground & 70% Aerial effects !

    $230.00 $210.00
    A classic family pack, the aerials are similar effects to the Big Fireworks Display Kit, but in a smaller version. This assortment is perfect for those new to fireworks, so you can see a range of fireworks effects, OR those that have younger audiences, the fireworks are low to medium in noise. Overall great variety and value. Over $280 of retail value in this big tray. Its the ONLY assortment with Roman Candles in it. 14 Cakes!! (finale item listed below, or buy Fanblastic as your finale, its awesome) 7 Fountain pieces 8 Roman Candle pieces 2 Mine pieces Total of 31 items. New ingredients 2015 (more aerials, variety and bigger than 2014 model), Custom made in China for Tasmania.
  • Dirty Dozen – Box 12

    12 multi-shots, each different, and includes 3 with inbuilt finales.
  • HAPPY FINGER – Fountain Pack

    Fountain Pack - if you love fountains, or you just want something low level for your show, this is the pack.
  • Kids Fun Assortment

    A great fun pack for the little people to enjoy watching, no big noises, just colour and wow!
  • Macarena Baby Bucket – 99% Ground Effects !

    Kids love the clear plastic bucket and enjoy the fireworks inside even more! Small fountains, ground spinners, novelties, smoke, and ONE quiet aerial. This assortment replaces the old Variety Pack for those that have been buying fireworks from us forever. 1 Aerial 10 Fountains 27 Other - ground based items. Total of 38 items.
  • Rocket Assortment 55pcs

    53 rockets (8 large, rest are medium rockets), 2 fliers. Heaps of medium to large rockets, something for everyone in this stockpile of rockets. No small rockets in this assortment, its more about effects, then quantity of shooters.
  • The Six Pack

    6 Multi-shots - Small to medium mult- shots, a nice variety of aerial effects. This item is part of the FREE PACK for Cracker Night 2019.