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By spending at least $450, you'll be eligible for a FREE Pack worth $85.00. A thank you from us to offset the Permit fee.
  • Twister Stix

    $1.50 Add to cart
    Spins and takes off real fast with cool zooming/zipping sound. Very Popular. Best for Adult audience. packets of 6 twisters
  • Pop Pop

    $2.00 Read more
    Traditional pop pops, throw them on the ground and they go bang. 50 PCS.
  • Kids Fun Assortment

    $25.00 Read more
    It is a great fun pack for the little people to enjoy watching, no big noises, just colour and wow! For more details, see the DESCRIPTION below.
  • Pyro King

    $420.00 Add to cart
    The Pyro King has 19 Multi Shots; all are different and have been custom designed by our Pyrotechnicians based on BIG fireworks we use in our Professional Shows. For more details, See DESCRIPTION below.
  • Rubbing Bang

    $2.00 Add to cart
    30 Twigs. Lay these twigs on the ground and rub under foot..... watch these crackle and wizz. KIDS luv em!!! One Box/Pack, 6 twigs per pkt. Cool fun for the kids.
  • Ground Bloom Flower

    $2.00 Add to cart
    The ground bloom flower has been part of Cracker Night since the beginning - it's a total classic! It's simple, quite fun; the kids love these as they can perform right in front of them at eye level. For more details, see the DESCRIPTION below.
  • Bumble Bee

    $3.00 Add to cart
    A very traditional and old favourite flying firework. Look closely and you will see this little bee has wings, it spins super fast for a bit of flyer action and launches gold sparks super high. Enjoy watching it fly in sometimes unpredictable directions. A real crowd-pleaser for all ages. Pack of 12 bees.
  • Bugs

    $10.00 Add to cart
    The Lady Bug – 3 Pkt – looks cool & behaves even cooler! She spins FAST on the ground with a high pitch whistle and silver sparks, then she LAUNCHES into the night sky. For more details, see the DESCRIPTION below.
  • Rocket Assortment

    $115.00 Read more
    Save time and money and get the Rocket Assortment.  Don't know which rockets to get? & or new to fireworks, go Rocket Assortment.  We have bundled a kit of different rockets to ensure a good 'rocket experience'. There is no firework that can compete with the very cool whoosh of a rocket,  as it cuts through the air, going higher than any other firework, it really needs to be in your Cracker Night experience. Damn we luv rockets!!! PACK OF 94 For more details, see the DESCRIPTION below  
  • Fly Piggy

    $8.00 Add to cart
    Ever seen a pig fly? Now you can with our Fly Piggy. This hog spins incredibly fast with a red glow, then shoots up squealing while glowing green. A great selling item. 1 pkt of 2 piggies.
  • No. 14 Gold Wire Sparkler

    $3.00 Add to cart
    Use your imagination! You can sky write or conduct an orchestra. Whatever you choose will glow and glitter. This metal wire is 14″ inches long and has a 75 second approx burn time. Pack of 6 sparklers. For more details, See DESCRIPTION below.
  • United Troopers

    $15.00 Read more
    The PARACHUTE !!! An absolute Classic Cracker Night item. Try catch the troopers before they land, the kids will luv it. Day time firework. Four Troopers float down to earth with trailing smoke!