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  • Jazzy/Catherine Wheel

    $40.00 Read more
    Nothing says Cracker Night more than the classic Catherine Wheel. 14 wheels, small and medium approx 1 min each. Classic style, coil setup - everyone’s favourite.
  • Rocket Assortment

    $115.00 Read more
    Save time and money and get the Rocket Assortment.  Don't know which rockets to get? & or new to fireworks, go Rocket Assortment.  We have bundled a kit of different rockets to ensure a good 'rocket experience'. There is no firework that can compete with the very cool whoosh of a rocket,  as it cuts through the air, going higher than any other firework, it really needs to be in your Cracker Night experience. Damn we luv rockets!!! PACK OF 94 For more details, see the DESCRIPTION below  
  • The Family Assortment

    $240.00 Read more
    A great VARIETY pack for 'The Family'.  It has something for everyone in here from little ones to grandpa,  with a combination of quiet & noisy, low level & aerial fireworks. LOTS of pieces to light, heaps of entertainment time.  Ideal for those new to fireworks and want to sample the range. 57 PC UPDATE: We have upgraded this selection to add more value. SAVE $$$ on this bundle!! Bundle is now worth $370 Value but still at $240!! We want families who buy this pack to experience whistle effect of 100 shot missile and awesome finale cake of Crackle mania. You deserve an upgrade. NOTE: Due to high demand, the family assortment may vary in pieces but we can assure you, you will be still getting your value. For more details, see the DESCRIPTION below
  • Smiley Face

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    SMILEY FACE Breaks, oh Yer! This is a totally cool effect, and yes, it does look clearly like a smiley face. Effect: Rockets break into Happy Smiling Face in different colours. PKT 5.
  • 30s Magical Shots

    $30.00 Add to cart
    It's a favourite, as it's a very simple performer. It's ideal for young audiences, as the shots shoot out at a steady pace plus it features low noise red and green balls. For more details, see the DESCRIPTION below.
  • Whistling Moon Travellers

    $35.00 Add to cart
    The classic bottle rockets, it's a favorite effect in every cracker night. The kids luv them, the big kids luv them at first, then they drive you a bit crazy, but the kids don’t mind. This bottle rocket bonus effect of WHISTLE to BANG. PACK of 144. 12 bundle of 12.
  • Bumble Bee

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    A very traditional and old favourite flying firework. Look closely and you will see this little bee has wings, it spins super fast for a bit of flyer action and launches gold sparks super high. Enjoy watching it fly in sometimes unpredictable directions. A real crowd-pleaser for all ages. Pack of 12 bees.
  • 36″ Morning Glories

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    A VERY LONG fireworks sparkler, it's like a little fountain on a stick. 3 minutes of colour-changing sparks. PACKET OF 6.
  • Glory Colorful Sparkles

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    This fireworks sparkler is like a little fountain on a stick. A must for all the kids at Cracker night! These beauties will give 1 minute of colour-changing sparks. 24 bundle of 6 sparklers, so that’s 24 kids you can make happy under supervision. BOX of 144.
  • Sky Bombs

    $35.00 Add to cart
    Big LOUD breaks. Maximum POWDER loaded. Custom made for Bright Star. Worth every dollar. PACK of 4. 1. Brocade crown with chicken blood red and sky blue; 2. Red strobe willow with silver strobe willow with sea blue; 3. Red crackling flowers; 4. Blue to red peony.
  • Sky Buster

    $49.00 Add to cart
    6 BIG ROCKET EFFECTS – Gold glittering willow, Crackling willow, Gold willow with blue pearls... Custom made with maximum powder. For more details, See DESCRIPTION below.