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  • Fly Piggy

    $8.00 Add to cart
    Ever seen a pig fly? Now you can with our Fly Piggy. This hog spins incredibly fast with a red glow, then shoots up squealing while glowing green. A great selling item. 1 pkt of 2 piggies.
  • Whistling Moon Travellers

    $35.00 Add to cart
    The classic bottle rockets, it's a favorite effect in every cracker night. The kids luv them, the big kids luv them at first, then they drive you a bit crazy, but the kids don’t mind. This bottle rocket bonus effect of WHISTLE to BANG. PACK of 144. 12 bundle of 12.
  • 2000s Mighty Max Firecrackers

    $95.00 Add to cart
    Brick of 40 packets / 50 crackers per pkt / total 2000 crackers. Take em apart or burn the whole string. Have a BANG.
  • 30s Magical Shots

    $30.00 Add to cart
    It's a favourite, as it's a very simple performer. It's ideal for young audiences, as the shots shoot out at a steady pace plus it features low noise red and green balls. For more details, see the DESCRIPTION below.
  • 36″ Morning Glories

    $7.50 Add to cart
    A VERY LONG fireworks sparkler, it's like a little fountain on a stick. 3 minutes of colour-changing sparks. PACKET OF 6.
  • Bugs

    $10.00 Add to cart
    The Lady Bug – 3 Pkt – looks cool & behaves even cooler! She spins FAST on the ground with a high pitch whistle and silver sparks, then she LAUNCHES into the night sky. For more details, see the DESCRIPTION below.
  • Bullet Bike

    $15.00 Read more
    Hang on tight as this bike shoots backward & forwards with a show of sparks and other assorted effects. A great novelty that kids love! Comes in a 4 Pkt. For more details, see the DESCRIPTION below.
  • Bumble Bee

    $3.00 Add to cart
    A very traditional and old favourite flying firework. Look closely and you will see this little bee has wings, it spins super fast for a bit of flyer action and launches gold sparks super high. Enjoy watching it fly in sometimes unpredictable directions. A real crowd-pleaser for all ages. Pack of 12 bees.
  • Dirty Dog

    $3.50 Add to cart
    NEW - yep the dog takes a dump... its hilarious.
  • Glory Colorful Sparkles

    $25.00 Add to cart
    This fireworks sparkler is like a little fountain on a stick. A must for all the kids at Cracker night! These beauties will give 1 minute of colour-changing sparks. 24 bundle of 6 sparklers, so that’s 24 kids you can make happy under supervision. BOX of 144.
  • Ground Bloom Flower

    $2.00 Add to cart
    The ground bloom flower has been part of Cracker Night since the beginning - it's a total classic! It's simple, quite fun; the kids love these as they can perform right in front of them at eye level. For more details, see the DESCRIPTION below.
  • Happy Finger

    $60.00 Read more
    Fountain Pack – if you love fountains or want something low for your show, this is the pack. For more details, see the DESCRIPTION below.