• Rocket Assortment

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    Save time and money and get the Rocket Assortment.  Don't know which rockets to get? & or new to fireworks, go Rocket Assortment.  We have bundled a kit of different rockets to ensure a good 'rocket experience'. There is no firework that can compete with the very cool whoosh of a rocket,  as it cuts through the air, going higher than any other firework, it really needs to be in your Cracker Night experience. Damn we luv rockets!!! PACK OF 94 For more details, see the DESCRIPTION below  
  • The Family Assortment

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    A great VARIETY pack for 'The Family'.  It has something for everyone in here from little ones to grandpa,  with a combination of quiet & noisy, low level & aerial fireworks. LOTS of pieces to light, heaps of entertainment time.  Ideal for those new to fireworks and want to sample the range. 57 PC UPDATE: We have upgraded this selection to add more value. SAVE $$$ on this bundle!! Bundle is now worth $370 Value but still at $240!! We want families who buy this pack to experience whistle effect of 100 shot missile and awesome finale cake of Crackle mania. You deserve an upgrade. NOTE: Due to high demand, the family assortment may vary in pieces but we can assure you, you will be still getting your value. For more details, see the DESCRIPTION below
  • Triple Bang

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    A cool long whistle tail rocket, ending with 3 reports. Another teenager favorite. PKT 12.
  • Xpress Pak

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    A great VARIETY pack at an affordable price for everyone. Ideal for a pack to 'start' the night, something for the teenagers, or just to get LOTS of pieces to light before the MAIN Show.  27 PC For more details, See DESCRIPTION below.
  • The Explorer

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    FAST and HIGH, with stand out breaks. Good Value. PKT 4.
  • Furry Tail Rocket

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    This rocket features the loud 'Furry' Tail effect with a variety of silver or crackling tails and GOOD breaks. PKT 6. For more details, see the DESCRIPTION below.
  • Tortoise

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    Pkt of 2 – fun little fireworks toy – it moves along the ground spitting out coloured eggs. Its a laugh. You do need smooth hard surface.
  • Wacky Whistle Machine

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    2 enormous ground spinners – nice and noisy – high pitch whistle as it spins and changes red, green, yellow, crackling finale. The kids will love it!!
  • Ground Bloom Flower

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    The ground bloom flower has been part of Cracker Night since the beginning - it's a total classic! It's simple, quite fun; the kids love these as they can perform right in front of them at eye level. For more details, see the DESCRIPTION below.
  • Zombie Hunter

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    15g powder per single shot
  • Zenith SkyJet

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    Straight shooting aerial attack rockets with a double payload of glittering effects.
  • Marksman Challenge

    $16.00 Read more
    A nice variety pack, one of the quieter rockets in the range. Pack of 4: 1. Colour Fish 2. Time Rain 3. Red, Green & Blue Dahlias 4. Silver Palm with red Glitter.