• Insider Candle

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    5 BIG shots, with the silver tail BIG breaks. 5 SHOTS
  • M-1000

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    These are our BIGGEST single firecrackers. These bad boys deliver on LOUD. Each firecracker has its slow-burn fuse, so plenty of time to get your distance and prepare for the KABOOM! 36 PCS.
  • OMG

    $40.00 Add to cart
    12 Shot Z Shape, with Mine Fan. The effect is BIG Gold Chrysanthemum mine to Chrysanthemum breaks. We named it OMG because that’s what was said after watching this Multi-Shot. For more details, See DESCRIPTION below.
  • Pink Lady

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    Pink smoke, how cool. Some daylight fun. Effect: Beautiful & Dense Pink Smoke (Duration 1 min)
  • Rip Rap

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    NEW to Australian consumer fireworks !! NEVER been seen in a consumer firework until NOW. 12 Shots of Hummers zip across the sky, incredible SOUND effect. Artistry in the sky! For more details, See DESCRIPTION below.  
  • Show Stopper

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    15 Shot Z Shape, with Multiple Fans. The effect is Silver Tails to BIG Gold Crackling breaks. It is a Show Stopper, designed to WOW! For more details, See DESCRIPTION below.
  • Sky High

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    10 Shots, Singer king effects reach SKY HIGH and ends with a sky blue & silver strobe burst. It’s a standout SOUND effect. The crowd will go wild! For more details, See DESCRIPTION below.
  • Skybolt

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    6 BIG ROCKET EFFECTS – Brocade crown with blue pearls, Brocade crown: Dragon Egg. Custom made with maximum powder. For more details, See DESCRIPTION below.
  • Smoke Copter

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    This brilliant flyer can be used during daylight. Instead of a tail of silver sparks you get a Coloured Smoke tail as each Copter takes off. It will be a hit with those that can't wait for dark to light a fuse. Effect: Two Color Smoke Helicopters (Blue or Pink). 4 PCS.
  • Stunner

    $40.00 Add to cart
    15 Shot Z Shape, with Multiple Fans.  Effect is Corolla tail, burst corolla, with red green lemon purple pearls, in a FAN choreogrphy.  Worthy of its name! Another great Finale item. For more details, see the DESCRIPTION below.
  • Tank Destroyer

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    NOT JUST ANOTHER TANK! This hard unit behaves like a real tank with lots of movement and noise. Even the big boys will want to road test this vehcicle. PKT 2.
  • The Explorer

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    FAST and HIGH, with stand out breaks. Good Value. PKT 4.