• Sky High

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    10 Shots, Singer king effects reach SKY HIGH and ends with a sky blue & silver strobe burst. It’s a standout SOUND effect. The crowd will go wild! For more details, See DESCRIPTION below.
  • Rip Rap

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    NEW to Australian consumer fireworks !! NEVER been seen in a consumer firework until NOW. 12 Shots of Hummers zip across the sky, incredible SOUND effect. Artistry in the sky! For more details, See DESCRIPTION below.  
  • California Candle

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    A handheld fountain. YES, that's correct, YOU CAN HOLD IT. Effect – Red Sparks – Green Sparks – Golden Flower. 1 min duration.
  • Bullet Bike

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    Hang on tight as this bike shoots backward & forwards with a show of sparks and other assorted effects. A great novelty that kids love! Comes in a 4 Pkt. For more details, see the DESCRIPTION below.