• Smoke Copter

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    This brilliant flyer can be used during daylight. Instead of a tail of silver sparks you get a Coloured Smoke tail as each Copter takes off. It will be a hit with those that can't wait for dark to light a fuse. Effect: Two Color Smoke Helicopters (Blue or Pink). 4 PCS.
  • Pink Lady

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    Pink smoke, how cool. Some daylight fun. Effect: Beautiful & Dense Pink Smoke (Duration 1 min)
  • 36″ Morning Glories

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    A VERY LONG fireworks sparkler, it's like a little fountain on a stick. 3 minutes of colour-changing sparks. PACKET OF 6.
  • Bumble Bee

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    A very traditional and old favourite flying firework. Look closely and you will see this little bee has wings, it spins super fast for a bit of flyer action and launches gold sparks super high. Enjoy watching it fly in sometimes unpredictable directions. A real crowd-pleaser for all ages. Pack of 12 bees.