$1000 Bundle
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$1000 Bundle

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We often get asked ‘what do I need for a fantastic show’?

The Bright Star Team have found the perfect balance between the best in the market and the coolest for value.

Get excited for CN21 Tassie! Our new release bundles have been carefully handpicked just for you by our expert team of pyrotechnicians. Exclusively designed and selected for hosting your very own Cracker Night Show! Our bundles will save you time and money, offering a variety of fireworks depending on your budget.
There are LIMITED numbers, so once they are gone, that is it!

Every Bundle has aerial effects only: Multi Shots, Rockets, Roman Candles & Single Shots, you decide what and if you want ground-based fireworks. Each Bundle will also come with its own FIRING ORDER put together by our team to help you with your show. You will also be eligible for our FREE PACK too! You’re welcome!

P.S We have decided NOT to include Flyers, Firecracker, Sparklers & Novelties, if you feel like you need some of these see our SUGGESTED EXTRAS recommended below.

Out of stock

What you will receive on collection day:

$1,000.00 BUNDLE
1 x Rocket Assortment
1 x Pyro King
1 x Pro Pack
1 x Sonic Blast 9 Shot
1 x Maximum Payload 9 Shot
1 x Neon Lights 12 Shot
1 x Wipe Out 15 Shot
1 x Smiley Face
1 x Sky Buster
1 x Skybolt
1 x Space Turbulence
1 x Insider Candle
1 x Sky Bombs

You may download the FREE suggested FIRING ORDER for the 1000 Bundle:
2 x FREE PACK WORTH $50.00

Please Note:
*Due to high demand the Rocket Assortment may vary in pieces, rest assured you will still be getting the same value and experience when you collect your order at the depot. *

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