$1000 Community Bundle
$1000 Community Bundlepro pack

$1000 Community Bundle

$1,205.00 $1,000.00


Our Community pack has been created to make you look like a professional.

All the best multi-shot fireworks with fewer pieces, you’ll receive more bang for your buck.

Less firework fuses to light, with maximum impact breaks, will be sure to wow your community group or private event!

There are LIMITED numbers, so once they are gone, that is it!

Every Community Bundle has aerial effects only (Multi Shots), you decide what and if you want ground-based fireworks. Each Bundle will also come with its own FIRING ORDER put together by our team to help you with your show. You will also be eligible for our FREE PACK too! You’re welcome!

P.S We have decided NOT to include Flyers, Firecracker, Sparklers & Novelties, if you feel like you need some of these see our SUGGESTED EXTRAS recommended below.

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What you will receive on collection day:

$1,000.00 BUNDLE
1 x Pyro King
1 x Pro Pack
2 x Sky High
2 x O M G
1 x Stunner
1 x Top Shelf
1 x Pyro Wonder
1 x Fiery Howl 18 Shot
1 x Sonic Blast 9 Shot
1 x Maximum Payload 9 Shot
1 x Neon Lights 12 Shot
1 x Wipe Out 15 Shot

You may download the FREE suggested FIRING ORDER for the Community Bundle here:

Weight 18.9 kg

Suggested Extras

  • Sky Bombs

    $35.00 Add to cart
    Big LOUD breaks. Maximum POWDER loaded. Custom made for Bright Star. Worth every dollar. PACK of 4. 1. Brocade crown with chicken blood red and sky blue; 2. Red strobe willow with silver strobe willow with sea blue; 3. Red crackling flowers; 4. Blue to red peony.
  • The Family Assortment

    $240.00 Read more
    A great VARIETY pack for 'The Family'.  It has something for everyone in here from little ones to grandpa,  with a combination of quiet & noisy, low level & aerial fireworks. LOTS of pieces to light, heaps of entertainment time.  Ideal for those new to fireworks and want to sample the range. 57 PC UPDATE: We have upgraded this selection to add more value. SAVE $$$ on this bundle!! Bundle is now worth $370 Value but still at $240!! We want families who buy this pack to experience whistle effect of 100 shot missile and awesome finale cake of Crackle mania. You deserve an upgrade. NOTE: Due to high demand, the family assortment may vary in pieces but we can assure you, you will be still getting your value. For more details, see the DESCRIPTION below
  • 2000s Mighty Max Firecrackers

    $95.00 Add to cart
    Brick of 40 packets / 50 crackers per pkt / total 2000 crackers. Take em apart or burn the whole string. Have a BANG.
  • Kids Fun Assortment

    $25.00 Read more
    It is a great fun pack for the little people to enjoy watching, no big noises, just colour and wow! For more details, see the DESCRIPTION below.