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13 Shots Straight Up.  The effect is Gold Chrysanthemum mine, with Gold Chrysanthemum breaks over the top. Intense and LOUD.  This effect says Finale.

For more details, see the DESCRIPTION below.

In stock

One of our custom-made retail Multi Shots, with Professional Display effects.

The effect is –  BIG Gold Chrysanthemum MINE to Chrysanthemum breaks.  Single shots one after the other.

The mine crackles with Chrysanthemum breaks, makes this overall effect LOUD, another great feature product or a stand-alone finale item.

The Pace – steady so the audience can enjoy every single mine to break.

This is one of the 19 awesome Multi Shots in the Pyro King, its one of the BEST in the Assortment.

So we decided to make it available for a single purchase to ADD to your show eg Family Assortment, etc. Its worthy of being your Finale or one of a few special Multi Shots you select as you design your Cracker Night Show.

TIP – Make a feature section in your show by getting say 3 and set up 3 launch points, fire electronically with our consumer firing systems, and now you have a wall of this effect.  It will look bigger spaced out approximately 5 – 10m apart.

Weight 0.67 kg