Finale Multi Shots – Value Pack

Finale Multi Shots – Value Pack

$115.00 $100.00


Build your own Cracker Night show with our New Value Packs!

Our expert team have put together some BUY and SAVE Value Packs in some of your favourite categories. We have managed to find the perfect balance between the best in the market and the coolest for value.

Selected by us for you to host your very own Cracker Night Show!

There are limited numbers, so once they are gone, that’s it!

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What you will receive on collection day:

Finale Multi Shots – Value Pack:
1 x Cracklemania
1 x O M G
1 x Show Stopper

Weight 1.9 kg

Suggested Extras

  • Pro Pack

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    The Pro Pack has 9 Multi Shots; all are different and have been custom designed by our Pyrotechnicians based on BIG fireworks we use in our Pro Shows. For more details, See DESCRIPTION below.
  • The Family Assortment

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    A great VARIETY pack for 'The Family'.  It has something for everyone in here from little ones to grandpa,  with a combination of quiet & noisy, low level & aerial fireworks. LOTS of pieces to light, heaps of entertainment time.  Ideal for those new to fireworks and want to sample the range. 57 PC For more details, see the DESCRIPTION below
  • Insider Candle

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    5 BIG shots, with the silver tail BIG breaks. 5 SHOTS
  • Skybolt

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    6 BIG ROCKET EFFECTS – Brocade crown with blue pearls, Brocade crown: Dragon Egg. Custom made with maximum powder. For more details, See DESCRIPTION below.