Out of Sight

Out of Sight


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12 Shots, Three stage WHISTLE goes ‘Out of Sight’. One of the BEST SOUND effects in the range. The crowds luv this every time.

For more details, see the DESCRIPTION below.

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One of our custom-made retail Multi Shots, with Professional Display effects.

The effect is – NEW to Australian consumer fireworks !!!!! NEVER been seen in consumer fireworks until NOW. We are so proud of finally bringing this effect to backyards across Tasmania. Its so cool, we can’t wait for you to light the fuse and go ‘wow’ like we did and have been doing for 25 years at pro shows.

Its an unusual whistle sound in three stages; each one reaches high and higher. It’s absolute gold for entertainment; the audience is captivated. We have loved this effect for 25 years, it features in many of our Pro Shows, and we are soooooo excited to offer it as a consumer cake.

The Pace – is slow, so you can take in each three-stage whistle effect; by the end, your begging for it to stop.

The Out of Sight is one of the 9 fantastic Multi Shots in the Pro Pack, its one of the BEST SOUNDS cakes in the Assortment.

So we decided to make it available for a single purchase to ADD to your show eg Family Assortment, or The Pyro King. While its an awesome effect and a MUST have, its not worthy of a Finale, its a middle showpiece, and a great addition to your Cracker Night Show.

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