Pyro Wonder

Pyro Wonder


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15 Shot Z Shape, with Multiple Fans. The effect is Red glittering mine to red coco pistil with green glitter in a FAN choreography. The audience will experience ‘PYRO WONDER’ watching the cleaver colour and choreography—another great FINALE item.

For more details, See DESCRIPTION below.

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One of our bespoke-made retail Multi Shots, with Professional Display effects.

The effect is -Red glittering mine to red coco pistil with green glitter, shooting Left to Right, then Right to Left, the same effect but 3 sets of FANS breaking wide and spreading across the sky.

The shimmering red mine below the breaks creates a layered effect that is just JUST AWESOME, and yes, it’s LOUD like a feature effect or Finale piece.

The Pace – is slow so the audience can enjoy the choreography of the Z Shape and the Multiple Fans.

The Pyro Wonder is not in any of the Assortments, its a stand-alone item, worthy of its own space.

ADD to your show, eg The Pyro King, Family Assortment, or your custom Cracker night collection. It’s worthy of being your Finale or one of a few unique Multi Shots you select as you design your Cracker Night Show.

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