Rocket Assortment
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Rocket Assortment


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Save time and money and get the Rocket Assortment.  Don’t know which rockets to get? & or new to fireworks, go Rocket Assortment.  We have bundled a kit of different rockets to ensure a good ‘rocket experience’.

There is no firework that can compete with the very cool whoosh of a rocket,  as it cuts through the air, going higher than any other firework, it really needs to be in your Cracker Night experience.

Damn we luv rockets!!!


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Effects include:

Double Crossbow – Double breaks
Furry Tail – rockets with silver & crackling tails, and of course a solid break
Marksman – a variety of quiet breaks, something for the younger audience.
Zenith Skyjet – fast and high with glittering effects
Triple Bang – a great whistling rocket with triple bangs at the end, not too many just enough to enjoy.
The Explorer – good solid breaks – less tail effect and more powder in the break

Please Note:
*Due to high demand the Rocket Assortment may vary in pieces, rest assured you will still be getting the same value and experience when you collect your order at the depot. *

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