Show Stopper

Show Stopper


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15 Shot Z Shape, with Multiple Fans. The effect is Silver Tails to BIG Gold Crackling breaks. It is a Show Stopper, designed to WOW!

For more details, See DESCRIPTION below.

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One of our custom-made retail Multi Shots, with Professional Display effects.

The effect is – Silver comets with Big Gold Crackling Breaks, shooting Left to Right, then Right to Left, then the same effect but 3 sets of FANS breaking wide and spreading across the sky.

The comets shoot high, and the breaks are intense gold Crackle Puff, it’s LOUD like a feature effect or finale piece.

The Pace – is slow so the audience can enjoy the choreography of the Z Shape and the Multiple Fans.

The Show Stopper is one of the 9 awesome Multi Shots in the Pro Pack, it’s one of the BEST in the Assortment.

So we decided to make it available for a single purchase to ADD to your show e.g Family Assortment, or The Pyro King. It’s worthy of being your finale or one of a few unique Multi Shots you select as you design your Cracker Night Show.

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