Sky High

Sky High


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10 Shots, Singer king effects reach SKY HIGH and ends with a sky blue & silver strobe burst. It’s a standout SOUND effect. The crowd will go wild!

For more details, See DESCRIPTION below.

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One of our custom-made retail Multi Shots, with Professional Display effects.

The effect is – NEW to Australian consumer fireworks !!!!! We are so proud of finally bringing this effect to backyards across Tasmania.

10 whistling silver spiralling comets launch high, then surprise you with a big burst at the top. The effect makes a cool, HOWLING SOUND. While everyone’s favorite effects are the big bursts, it’s these effects in a show that make sure it’s entertaining and memorable.

The Pace – is steady so you can enjoy the strange but cool effect and follow each silver comet trail.

The Sky High is one of the 9 awesome Multi Shots in the Pro Pack, it’s one of the stand-out SOUND cakes in the Assortment.

So we decided to make it available for a single purchase to ADD to your show eg Pyro King, or Family Assortment, etc. While its a cool effect and a MUST have, its not worthy of a finale, its a middle showpiece and a great addition to your Cracker Night Show.

TIP – Make a feature section in your show by getting say 3 and set up 3 launch points, fire electronically with our consumer firing systems, and now you have a wall of this effect. It will look bigger, spaced out approximately 5m apart.

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