Space Turbulence

Space Turbulence


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6 BIG ROCKET EFFECTS – A full range of Chrysanthemum effects. Green coconut, Red blue pearls, Just Red, Red & Green, Silver coco. Custom made with maximum powder.

For more details, See DESCRIPTION below.

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One of our custom made retail rockets. We are so proud and excited to deliver this range of awesome rockets that WE designed for Cracker night. Max powder on board.

The effect is – All about Chrysanthemums:
Green coconut with chrysanthemum:1pc
Red, blue pearls with chrysanthemum:1pc
Red Chrysanthemum:1pc
Red, green chrysanthemum:1pc
Chrysanthemum with red,green:1pc
Silver coco to Chryanthemum:1pc

Rockets travel the highest of all fireworks, and these ‘bad boys’ don’t disappoint. They take off FAST, climb HIGH, and break LOUD.

Rockets of all sizes are a MUST for any fireworks night, and these feature rockets are worthy in any rocket selection.

TIP: Have a good rocket launcher to allow smooth lighting of your rocket collection. See our Safety Booklet for TIPS.

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