Pyro King

This is your cracker night show all in one box Tassie. Its THE display. We use big fireworks effects and put them in this assortment. All items are aerial (in the sky only) designed to put on a show for your audience and make you look like the Pyro King.

Add the Pro Pack or Biggest Multi-Shot Pack for more multi shots. Looking for a BIG finale? Add Stunner, Pyro Wonder or Top Shelf.

We Recommend:
Add our Firing System and Talon Igniters with this bundle to remotely fire your fireworks like a professional!

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9.5 kg

The Pyro King has 19 multi shots; all are different and have been custom designed by our experienced pyrotechnicians based on our professional shows.

Exciting sound effects multi-shot; these are real crowd-pleasers. It's louder than we have had before and has awesome choreography.

We Suggest: Buying 1 x firing system with talon igniters - to remotely fire 12 fireworks like a professional! Or get 2 sets to light 24 fireworks. Every multi-shot needs a cue; there are 12 cues in every firing system.

1 x Sizzling Hot = 7 Shots Cake
1 x Bling Bling = 9 Shots Cake
1 x Razzle Dazzle = 9 Shots Cake
1 x Glimmer Glammor = 9 Shots Cake
1 x Sky Show = 9 Shots Cake
1 x Funky Fish = 9 Shots Cake
1 x Crackle Mania = 13 Shots Cake
1 x Red Hot = 9 Shots Cake
1 x Fantastic = 14 Shots Cake
1 x Sweet As = 16 Shots Cake
1 x Little Ripper = 16 Shots Cake
1 x Dingo's Howl = 10 Shots Cake
1 x Rip Rap = 12 Shots Cake
1 x 100 Shots Saturn Missile = 100 Shots Saturn Missile
1 x Amaze Balls = 15 Shots Fan Cake
1 x Night Rainbow = 12 Shots Fan Cake
1 x Crack Jack = 14 Shots Cake
1 x Show Pony = 14 Shots Cake
1 x Boom Time = 9 Shots Cake
19 mulit-shots in total