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However, in the meantime check out the range to be familiar with the type of fireworks to start building your own show. Have fun!!

  • 2000s Mighty Max Firecrackers

    Brick of 40 packets / 50 crackers per pkt / total 2000 crackers. Take em apart or burn the whole string. Have a BANG.
  • Achilles 9 Shot

    Effect: This Is A Miniature Of A 3"x9S Rack.
  • Artificial Satelite

    $4.50 $2.50
    A classic flying item. Artificial satellite is a little silver disk that zings up into the night with a gold shower. 12 pieces per pack
  • Back Off

    100 single crackers each with their own green slow burn fuse, providing that extra safe time before the cracker goes BANG. Great Classic cracker!
  • Bugs

    The Lady Bug - Pkt 3 - looks cool, and behaves cool also - spins FAST on the ground with a high pitch whistle and silver sparks, the she LAUNCHES into the night sky.
  • Bullet Bike

    Hang on tight as this bike shoots forward and back with show of sparks and other assorted effects. A great novelty that kids love!
  • Dirty Dog

    NEW - yep the dog takes a dump... its hilarious.
  • Double Crossbows

    $25.00 $20.00
    Performance Description: (A) red palm and white glitter (B) green palm and red glitter (C) golden palm and crackling (D) lemon pearls and crackling
  • Firing System 12 Cues

    Do it the safer and the more professional way! Fire your show remotely so your out of harm's way. Remotely fire your show, ideally from 50-100m away (Max range approx 300m). Requires AA Batteries for receivers. 1 x 12V A23 Battery supplied for the transmitter. Includes hard case. Talon Igniters sold separately.
  • Fly Piggy

    Ever seen a pig fly? Now you can with Fly Piggy. This hog spins incredibly fast with a red glow, then shoots up squeeling while glowing green. A great selling item. 1 pkt of 2 piggy.
  • Gold Wire Sparkler

    Use your imagination! You can sky write or conduct an orchestra. Whatever you choose will glow and glitter. This metal wire is 14" inches long and has a 75 second approx burn time. Pack of 6 sparklers. *Packaging May differ* Sparklers 45cm or less are Type 1 Fireworks in TAS and are not included in the 20Kg limit.
  • Ground Bloom Flower

    $3.00 $2.00
    The ground bloom flower has been part of Cracker Night from begining, such a traditional item.