• Neon Master Missiles 10pc

    Master Missile with a difference! Whistle tails speed toward a loud report, but on their way each missile has its own extra effect, including red, green, titanium, red to green and crackle. 10 rockets per pkt.
  • Ninja Stars Shuriken

    Very cool NEW spinner from Cannon. It spins on the ground screaming, then moves to gold sprays, then emits little blooms buzz out the side. Something different in the ground spinner category. 2 per pkt.
  • No. 8 Sparklers Gold

    Traditional Gold Wire sparklers, 8 Pack.
  • Nukes of Hazzard – Box 5

    NEW - 5 Awesome cakes - 3 x Straight up Cakes - mine breaks below with big breaks over the top. 2 x Fan Cakes - 3 shots fan out to cover the sky.
  • Pinball Rockets 6pc

    $28.00 $21.00
    A classic rocket range.
  • Pink Lady Pkt 2

    Effect: Beautiful & Dense Pink Smoke (Duration 1 min)
  • Pop Pop – Pkt 50

    Traditional pop pops, throw them on the ground and they go bang.
  • Portfire – Fireworks Lighter pkt 3

    As essential to any display as the fireworks themselves, this long, thin, hand-held item burns with a very hot flame for five minutes. This makes lighting fireworks a cinch, and the length of the portfire makes it safer too. Portfires are resistant to wind and rain, and are often used by professional firework operators. Pack of 3 individual portfires - so thats 15 minutes of burn time. Ideal for lighting the Big Fireworks Kit, or when you want to put on more of a 'display' and have no black spots. Punks are ideal for more of the casual lighting approach - they are free on the day. If you want your assistant to be part of the lighting, you will need 2 sets of these.
  • Pound Rockets 4pk

    $22.00 $17.60
    The effects consist of four big rockets with really big effects. Size: 6" H x 1" Ø motor Effects: 1. Crackle 2. Red & green flying fish 3. Red crossette 4. Green crossette
  • Pyro Time Assortment – 2020

    This is the new assortment for 2020, it replaces the Aussie Showtime which we have all seen enough off after 3 years.  This assortment has awesome new effects from our new supplier, plus our custom made cakes (Neon Lights, Wipe Out, Sonic Blast, Maximum Payload), which pack a punch.  16 cakes in this assortment, with doubles of the best ones, so you can super charge or repeat best effects.  Its for the audience that wants to put on a Show!
  • Road Kill

    Single Shot with Mine Effect (app. 25g powder) They totally go off, watch out! You've been warned!
  • Rubbing Bang Small Box

    $2.00 $1.00
    30 Twigs. Lay these twigs on the ground and rub under foot..... watch these crackle and wizz. KIDS luv em!!! One Box/Pack, 6 twigs per pkt. Cool fun for the kids.
  • Shh… It Happens

    Hahaha Oh my gosh..... It really happens.....
  • Sky Cruiser VI Missile 6pc

    $25.00 $20.00
    These missiles cruise through the sky with comet tail and variety of coloured breaks with cracker or glitter.
  • Small Bee

    A very traditional and old favourite flying firework.
  • Smoke Copter Pkt 4

    Effect: Two Color Smoke Helicopters (Blue or Pink)
  • Sonic Blast 9 Shot

    9 big single silver breaks with strobing silver mine below, 2 shot finale. Excellent pace, just love this effect. It could be used as finale on small assortment, or to add to bigger assortment. OR get 2-3 and create a finale with this item.
  • Space Walker 13pc LARGE Rockets

    $74.00 $59.20
    NEW 2018 The BEST large rocket pack we've had since 2009 (1) happy face, (2) red ring w/green & white glitter pistil, (3) red ring w/crackling pistil, (4) green ring w/red palm pistil, (5) yellow & purple palm w/crackling, (6) multi-color peonies, (7) red dahlia w/yellow chrys, (8) brocade w/green, (9) silver glittering willow w/purple (10) red pearl w/green glitters, (11) blue pearl w/time rain, (12) red flying fishes w/green leaves, (13) color falling leaves
  • Spike Ball 3pc

    3 Different candles - each with 5 shot unique effets
  • Talon Igniter 50cm 20pc

    Use with our firing systems. Research tells us that the Talon ignitors work best for consumer firing systems. Firing Tip - When firing a show using these Talon igniters on green fuse, we suggest to count the shots and when you have two or so shots left then ignite/ push button to ignite the next fuse (to minimise black spots/delays in the show).