• Happy Finger

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    Fountain Pack – if you love fountains or want something low for your show, this is the pack. For more details, see the DESCRIPTION below.
  • 30s Magical Shots

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    It's a favourite, as it's a very simple performer. It's ideal for young audiences, as the shots shoot out at a steady pace plus it features low noise red and green balls. For more details, see the DESCRIPTION below.
  • Macarena

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    Kids love the clear plastic bucket and enjoy the fireworks inside even more! For more details, See DESCRIPTION below.
  • Spike Ball

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    The Ultimate roman candles with the BEST effects. 3 Different candles – each with 5 shots of unique effets. Roman Candle FANS will apprecaite this one.
  • Sky Bombs

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    Big LOUD breaks. Maximum POWDER loaded. Custom made for Bright Star. Worth every dollar. PACK of 4. 1. Brocade crown with chicken blood red and sky blue; 2. Red strobe willow with silver strobe willow with sea blue; 3. Red crackling flowers; 4. Blue to red peony.
  • Dirty Dog

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    NEW - yep the dog takes a dump... its hilarious.
  • Thunder Bomb

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    The all time favourite Po Ha firecrckers. It would not be Cracker Night with out some Po Ha. Brick of 40 packets / 16 crackers per pkt / total 640 crackers. Take em apart or burn the whole string. Have a BANG. For more details, See DESCRIPTION below.
  • Whistling Moon Travellers

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    The classic bottle rockets, it's a favorite effect in every cracker night. The kids luv them, the big kids luv them at first, then they drive you a bit crazy, but the kids don’t mind. This bottle rocket bonus effect of WHISTLE to BANG. PACK of 144. 12 bundle of 12.
  • Furry Tail Rocket

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    This rocket features the loud 'Furry' Tail effect with a variety of silver or crackling tails and GOOD breaks. PKT 6. For more details, see the DESCRIPTION below.
  • Talon Igniter

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    Use with our firing systems. Research tells us that the Talon ignitors work best for consumer firing systems. Firing Tip - When firing a show using these Talon igniters on green fuse, we suggest to count the shots and when you have two or so shots left then ignite/ push button to ignite the next fuse (to minimise black spots/delays in the show).   15 Talons per packet We give you 15 so you'll have 3 extra for testing purposes.
  • The Six Pack

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    A collection of Small Multi Shots, a nice variety of aerial effects.  Ideal for a little mini show, before the MAIN Show begins. More Details, See DESCRIPTION Below
  • Pro Pack

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    The Pro Pack has 9 Multi Shots; all are different and have been custom designed by our Pyrotechnicians based on BIG fireworks we use in our Pro Shows. For more details, See DESCRIPTION below.