• Ground Bloom Flower

    $3.00 $2.00
    The ground bloom flower has been part of Cracker Night from begining, such a traditional item.
  • Portfire – Fireworks Lighter pkt 3

    As essential to any display as the fireworks themselves, this long, thin, hand-held item burns with a very hot flame for five minutes. This makes lighting fireworks a cinch, and the length of the portfire makes it safer too. Portfires are resistant to wind and rain, and are often used by professional firework operators. Pack of 3 individual portfires - so thats 15 minutes of burn time. Ideal for lighting the Big Fireworks Kit, or when you want to put on more of a 'display' and have no black spots. Punks are ideal for more of the casual lighting approach - they are free on the day. If you want your assistant to be part of the lighting, you will need 2 sets of these.
  • No. 8 Sparklers Gold

    Traditional Gold Wire sparklers, 8 Pack.
  • Dirty Dog

    NEW - yep the dog takes a dump... its hilarious.
  • The Six Pack

    6 Multi-shots - Small to medium mult- shots, a nice variety of aerial effects. This item is part of the FREE PACK for Cracker Night 2019.
  • Ninja Stars Shuriken

    Very cool NEW spinner from Cannon. It spins on the ground screaming, then moves to gold sprays, then emits little blooms buzz out the side. Something different in the ground spinner category. 2 per pkt.
  • Wacky Whistle Machine

    $12.00 $8.00
    2 enormous ground spinners - nice and noisey - high pitch whistle as it spins and changes red, green, yellow, crackling finale. The kids will love it!!
  • Trio Bomber

    $15.00 $12.00
    Pkt of 4 flyers. Watch this three-stage wonder climb into the air, then up higher, then up higher. Ends with a crackling effect.
  • Firing System 12 Cues

    Do it the safer and the more professional way! Fire your show remotely so your out of harm's way. Remotely fire your show, ideally from 50-100m away (Max range approx 300m). Requires AA Batteries for receivers. 1 x 12V A23 Battery supplied for the transmitter. Includes hard case. Talon Igniters sold separately.
  • Tortoise

    $5.00 $4.00
    Pkt of 2 - fun little fireworks toy - it moves along the ground spitting out coloured eggs. Its a laugh. You do need smooth hard surface.
  • Wipe Out 15 Shot

    A powerful FAN cake with big red single breaks, then a fan break, this repeats again and ends with a FAN finale. A great end of show firework.
  • Tom Thumb

    Traditional small crackers, the red and green ones. Let these off in a string, its the tradtition.
  • Achilles 9 Shot

    Effect: This Is A Miniature Of A 3"x9S Rack.
  • M1000 Cracker Pkt 36

    Effect: Alike M60 Crackers (window box)
  • Sonic Blast 9 Shot

    9 big single silver breaks with strobing silver mine below, 2 shot finale. Excellent pace, just love this effect. It could be used as finale on small assortment, or to add to bigger assortment. OR get 2-3 and create a finale with this item.
  • Fiery Howl 18 Shot

    Effect: HOWLING to BIG BREAK BROCADE, Color & White Glittering, Coconut with Crackling Chrysanthemums
  • Maximum Payload 9 Shot

    9 big multi coloured breaks with strobing mine below, 2 shot finale. Great effect with 2 layers of fireworks – breaking above the mine really fills the sky and increases intensity of your display. It could be used as finale on small assortment, or to add to a bigger assortment. OR get 2-3 and create a finale with this item.
  • Furry Tail Rocket Pkt 6

    Effect: 1. Red Palm to Crackling w/Crackling Tail 2. Silver Palm to Blue Stars w/ Silver Tail 3. Purple Stars to Crackling w/ Crackling Tail 4. Red, Green, Blue Stars w/ Silver Tail 5. Red Stars to Silver Glittering w/ Silver Tail 6. Crackling Chrysanthemum w/Crackling Tail