• Pound Rockets 4pk

    $22.00 $17.60
    The effects consist of four big rockets with really big effects. Size: 6" H x 1" Ø motor Effects: 1. Crackle 2. Red & green flying fish 3. Red crossette 4. Green crossette
  • Road Kill

    Single Shot with Mine Effect (app. 25g powder) They totally go off, watch out! You've been warned!
  • Rubbing Bang Small Box

    $2.00 $1.00
    30 Twigs. Lay these twigs on the ground and rub under foot..... watch these crackle and wizz. KIDS luv em!!! One Box/Pack, 6 twigs per pkt. Cool fun for the kids.
  • Shh… It Happens

    Hahaha Oh my gosh..... It really happens.....
  • Sky Cruiser VI Missile 6pc

    $25.00 $20.00
    These missiles cruise through the sky with comet tail and variety of coloured breaks with cracker or glitter.
  • Small Bee

    A very traditional and old favourite flying firework.
  • Smoke Copter Pkt 4

    Effect: Two Color Smoke Helicopters (Blue or Pink)
  • Sonic Blast 9 Shot

    9 big single silver breaks with strobing silver mine below, 2 shot finale. Excellent pace, just love this effect. It could be used as finale on small assortment, or to add to bigger assortment. OR get 2-3 and create a finale with this item.
  • Space Walker 13pc LARGE Rockets

    $74.00 $59.20
    NEW 2018 The BEST large rocket pack we've had since 2009 (1) happy face, (2) red ring w/green & white glitter pistil, (3) red ring w/crackling pistil, (4) green ring w/red palm pistil, (5) yellow & purple palm w/crackling, (6) multi-color peonies, (7) red dahlia w/yellow chrys, (8) brocade w/green, (9) silver glittering willow w/purple (10) red pearl w/green glitters, (11) blue pearl w/time rain, (12) red flying fishes w/green leaves, (13) color falling leaves
  • Spike Ball 3pc

    3 Different candles - each with 5 shot unique effets
  • Talon Igniter 50cm 20pc

    Use with our firing systems. Research tells us that the Talon ignitors work best for consumer firing systems. Firing Tip - When firing a show using these Talon igniters on green fuse, we suggest to count the shots and when you have two or so shots left then ignite/ push button to ignite the next fuse (to minimise black spots/delays in the show).  
  • Tank Destroyer Pkt 2

    Effect: NOT JUST ANOTHER TANK! Tank gives red gold sparks, go forward with loud whistle.  Top unit will rotate in different directions and give out color sparks and crackling