Firing System 12 Cues

Fire your show professionally!! This is the safer and more professional way, by using this firing system to fire your fireworks without having to move back and forth lighting each one. Just a press a button and off they go ...... its easy! This one system allows you to fire 12 separate fireworks (see more info for more details)

Please Note: you must get talon igniters to go with your firing system - sold separarately

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Firing System 12 Cues
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Do it in a safer and more professional way! Fire your show remotely so you out of harm's way without the need to go back and forth lighting each firework. You can remotely fire your show, ideally from 50-100m away (Max range approximately 300m). This system allows firing of 12 separate fireworks you can have the fireworks at different locations. Its very easy to set up and use

Generally it is best to use these for firing multi shots rather than just single shot fireworks e.g. rocket, single shot. By firing a number of multi shots in sequence using this method, you can stand back and watch the show without having to run back and forth lighting them. Usually the person lighting the fireworks misses out on watching them, but using the firing system ..... no one misses out.

We recommend:
Start with 1 unit to let off the last 12 items of your show. You can then get more units and talons depending on the number of fireworks you have.

Requires AA Batteries for receivers.
1 x 12V A23 Battery supplied for the transmitter.
Includes hard case.
Note: you must get the talon igniters as well, these are sold separately

Click here for the user manual.