Rip Rap

Hummers zip across the sky—incredible sound effects. Artistry in the sky!

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One of Bright Star's custom-made retail multi shots, with professional display effects.

NEW to Australian consumer fireworks !!!!! NEVER been seen in a consumer firework until NOW. We are so proud of finally bringing this effect to backyards across Tasmania.

12 silver comets ZIP randomly across the sky, not straight up like usual, but get halfway and change direction. Each one keeps you guessing which way it will ZIP. The effect makes a cool HUMMER SOUND.

The Pace – is steady, so you can follow each comet as its zips & zags all over the sky.

The Rip Rap is one of the 19 awesome Multi Shots in the Pyro King, it’s one of the standout SOUND cakes in the Assortment.

So we decided to make it available for a single purchase to ADD to your show e.g. Family Assortment, etc. Whilst its an excellent effect and a MUST have, its not worthy of a Finale, its a middle showpiece and a great addition to your Cracker Night Show. Its also one of our Low Noise effects, if that’s what your needing.

TIP – Make a feature section in your show by getting say 3 and set up 3 launch points, fire electronically with our consumer firing systems, and now you have a wall of this effect. It will look bigger, spaced out approximately 5m apar