Show Starter, 25 pc

Looking for the perfect way to kick off your night? Look no further than our range of small aerial effects and fountains!

Whether you're a teenager looking for some high-flying fun, or just want to get everyone in the mood with a small display, we've got you covered. 

Looking for pack that's suitable for entertaining the younger children in the family? This pack has 65% Fountains and 35% Aerials. From quiet items to a little noisy, from low to high with lots of pieces to light. The Fountains will entertain the children and the mid range aerials will also entertain the adults.  So light 'em up and let the fun begin!

25 Pieces: 9 Aerials, 16 Fountains. You will be left wanting more.

Further detail:

This pack contains 65% Fountains. Fountains emit streams of coloured sparks 2 to 3 metres high. Fountains need to be very close to spectators to be entertaining, absolutely no more than 10 m away. These fountains will entertain young children but older children and adults will only want to see 3 to 4 items before they may become a little bored. If you have no use for the fountains, then this pack is not for you.  See our ALL Aerial Assortments.

The other 35% of the pack are aerials i.e. Multishots. These are mid range in terms of quality and loudness.

 We Recommend:

Looking for more family variety and aerial power then add:

  • Rockets
  • Flyers
  • Pyro King Ultimate, Pro Pack Ultimate. 
  • More Roman Candles
  • More Multishot and Finale items.

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This pack is designed to be the entertainment before your 'Show', your audience will be left wanting more, every good Cracker Night needs ‘The Show’.

We Recommend you add: Pyro King Ultimate, Pro Pack Ultimate, Or Family Assortment for your 'SHOW'.

Want MORE Aerials, for even more punch at the end!

We Recommend any or all:
- Big FAN Multi Shots - Value Pack: Stunner, Top Shelf, True Blue
- Finale Multi Shots - Value Pack: Cracklemania, OMG, Show Stopper
- Finale Series Multi Shots - Value Pack: Bombastic, Sky Candy, Gold Willows, Queen's Crown,

Show Starter
1 Big Golden Flower
1 Canister Fountain
1 Big Friendship
4 Butterfly Fountain
1 Canister Fountain
2 4" Conic Fountain
1 Small conic fountain
1 Small Cuckoo Fountain
1 Small Friendship
1 Small Golden Flower
2 HN90-1
2 48 Shots Color Pearls
1 96 Shots Color Pearls
1 25 Shots Saturn Missile
1 8 Shots Cake
1 8 Shots Cake
1 7 Shots Cake
2 9 Shots Cake