Kabooms, 8 shots, 4 pc

Another roman candle with BIG sized breaks with variety and loudness.

Similar to the 0.8' roman candles with more punch! Large calibre candles, extra long barrel shoots extra high and 8 shots means

Each shot is a different effect and a total of 4 candles in the pack!

These candles have the 2nd biggest breaks (starbursts), in the Roman Candle range. The Mega Roman Candle Pack, 5 shots, 16 pc, have the biggest breaks.

NOTE: using Roman Candles - These candles are extremely powerful and must NEVER be held in the hand.

For further info on candle safety refer to the MORE INFO section below.

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Quantity: Kabooms, 8 shots, 4 pc x 1

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People may be tempted to hold candles and shoot the balls into the paddock. This is not how they should be used. If the product malfunctions and the balls explode in the tube, serious injury could result to your hand, eyes and ears.

People do admit to holding candles and they tell us they use the following risk mitigation measures :

• never holding any large calibre candles especially those that shoot balls that explode into starbursts or that contain reports. If these malfunction and the balls explode in the tube, very serious injury will result e.g. loss of fingers, permanent eye damage.

• only hold the smallest calibre candles
• only hold those that only shoot simple comet effects -no effects that explode
• wear thick gloves e.g. riggers and welding gloves
• wear safety glasses
• never point the candle at any persons
• never look down the end of the candle
• hold the candle right on the butt end of the tube to avoid having any exploding material inside your hand should a malfunction occur
We do not condone holding candles of any size.

Candles should be held upright in a bucket of sand or taped to stakes with the butt of the candle on the ground.