Download 2023 permit form and take it into Service Tasmania shop before Friday, May 5th.

Make sure you fill out the form correctly and complete all sections, your permit may be refused simply because you did not complete all sections. Remember you don't have to have your permit approved before you secure your order with us. We suggest doing it as soon as our online shop opens as we can always cancel your order on collection day if permit was declined. 

Read the permit application on our website that outlines the requirements. Generally, you need 2-3 acres of land or at least 50m from any house. If you can’t satisfy all requirements, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will not get a permit. Call us on 0429640715 and we can assist you.

Yes, you can nominate another property, provided you have consent from the landowner.

The 2023 permit costs $85. Rest assured we will give you back the value of your permit cost in fireworks value when you shop with us.

Yes, this mostly applies to needing 100m from spectators fallout requirement for rockets. You may still be able to get a permit as long as they give you permission.

– No, you need a permit for ALL fireworks.

Sorry, no we dont.

YES, for Cracker Night and NYE Displays only, we will issue a public notice in your locally distributed newspaper which will alert government agencies (Police Fire and Municipal Council). However, you need to complete the rest of the notifications yourself as per Part 4, Section 7 of the Permit form. Permits have a special condition that requires you to notify your neighbours at least 7 days prior to Cracker Night, and we strongly support this download our template HERE

Yes they will and it's likely to be accepted.

Depending on the location of the display, additional notification requirements may apply:

• If the proposed site for the display is within 1 km of any property that is used for commercial livestock operations, you must give notice to the owner or occupier of such property.

§ If the proposed site is within 1 km of any reserved land within the meaning of the Nature Conservation Act 2002, you must give notice to the Director of National Parks and Wildlife.

• If the proposed site is within 1 km of a permanent timber production zone land, within the meaning of the Forest Management Act 2013, you must give notice to Forestry Tasmania.

• If the proposed site is on the seashore and the display will involve any aerial display of fireworks, you must give notice to Marine and Safety Tasmania.

Depending you location, some of these above further requirements may be added to your permit. They may also want to know more about extra precautions you might take in regards to potential fire prevention such as monitoring winds conditions, fireworks as far away as possible from the forest, fire extinguishing equipment, etc.

Yes you can, but you must talk to the property owners, or those responsible for the animals, so that they are aware of and agreeable to the display being held.  We recommend that you keep a note of the person(s) who you spoke to and the date and time OR get something in writing from them such as email or text message sent to you


Cash and EFTPOS. Credit Cards have a 2.2 % surcharge.

The permit holder will need to bring their permit, drivers licence, and payment.


Yes you can, its a great way to reserve your stock as some items may run out if you wait until later to order. If it turns out that you dont get your permit, you can cancel anytime.

1. Visit our online shop and place your order.

2. Alternative you can email us at sales@bright-star.com.au with your full name, address, wish list and email address and we will send you an email confirmation once done.

3. Call us 0429640715

Email our sales team at sales@bright-star.com.au

Please add your name, address, contact number, desired products, and pick up location. We’ll send an electronic order confirmation once your order has been placed.

Alternatively call us on 0429640715

– You only pay on collection of your fireworks.

It is easiest to just create another order making sure you are monitoring your 20kg limit per permit.

– No, we only have our online shop. Pre order online then collect at the collection depot you nominated.

Yes, you are limited to 20Kg. The online shopping cart automatically calculates your weight and rejects the order if the weight is over 20 Kg.

Yes, just reply/forward your order confirmation email to sales@bright-star.com.au and state that you wish to cancel the order.


In late 2022 as part of the Explosives review by work safe, they decided to change the times you were allowed to do fireworks in Tasmania

For 2023 you have the option of choosing between 2 display times: 7:00pm- 7:45pm OR 7:45pm- 8:30 pm

Download our Safety Booklet and watch our Safety Videos for lots of tips and tricks.

Also you can download this helpful guide from WorkSafe Tasmania's website How to use fireworks safely on Cracker Night.