1. Apply for a Permit

  • The day has come! Fireworks Permits are now OPEN!
  • Download your permit and simply fill it out and submit it at your local Service Tasmania Centre (List of Service Tasmania Centres)
  • Your Permit Application reply usually comes back within 5-7 business days via email or call. We always recommend checking your junk folder before you call Worksafe to check.
  • Getting a permit or meeting the requirements isn’t hard, if you need help understanding the application check out our FAQs OR Call, SMS or Email Us.

2. Order Fireworks

  • ORDERING IS EASY!! The quickest way is via our Online Shop, or you can call, SMS (0429 640 715) or email us.
  • Online Shop Opens April 1st 2024.
  • HOT TIP: You can order fireworks before submitting your permit AND before your permit is approved.
  • We will have a limited range to buy at our pickup depots. We suggest getting your main order online as stock does sell out.

3. Collect Your Fireworks

  • Collect or pick up your fireworks from one of our many pickup ‘DEPOT’ locations – they are like a pop up ‘Fireworks Shop’. However, we will carry a limited range so best you place your main order online so you dont miss out.
  • Our depot locations across Tasmania are available here.
  • You ONLY pay on collection day with cash or card. We will only require your apporved permit with ID when you collect.

4. Plan and Prepare

Now start to work through planning and preparation for your event. We have lots of useful information to make your fireworks experience seamless and ensure everyone is safe.

For your convenience, view and download these forms below:

5. Enjoy Your Fireworks Show!

  • Now all the hard work is out the way, you can focus on having an AWESOME Cracker Night with family and Friends!
  • Bright Star Fireworks Australia in Tasmania has the best safe use of fireworks record, so let’s work together to help it stay that way!

Have More Questions? Visit Our FAQ