1 Sizzling Hot
2 Fantastic
3 Sweet As
4 100 Shots Saturn Missile
5 Boom Time
6 Cracker Jack
7 Funky Fish
8 Bling Bling
9 Razzle Dazzle
10 Night Rainbow
11 Show Pony
12 Glimmer Glammor
13 Rip Rap
14 Red Hot
15 Little Ripper
16 Sky Show
17 Dingo's How !
18 Amaze Balls
19 Crackle Mania
Firing Order General Rules:

1. Fire items from smallest to biggest on the Speccy scale
2. Incorporate some peaks / wow moments / throughout the display.
This is done by using crowd pleasers such as:
● Whistling rockets e.g. Triple Bang
● Biggest rockets in the range
● Single shots e.g. Sky bombs
● Sound cakes
3. Fire rockets before Multi-shots in the display, see the Rockets vs Multi-shots section for an explanation of this

Firing Order for the different fireworks categories

1. Fire smoke items and Daylight Parachutes at dusk
2. Then fire Fountains at the start of the display.
● Position them no more than 10 metres away from spectators. Do not position them further away or the effect will be wasted.
3. Then fire Roman Candles.
● Insider Candles have big and loud bursts therefore should be used later in the display or just before the Pyro King and Pro Pack.
4. Then fire Flyers.
● Flyers are real crowd pleasers and are especially popular with kids.
● They can be erratic and be blown around by the wind which may send them toward spectators therefore care needs to be taken with the set-up and having them at a safe distance.
● Because of this risk of erratic flight, many people that are staging displays for large audiences and public type events, do not use Flyers.
5. Then fire Rockets
6. Then fire Multi-shots.
7. Then fire the Finale Multi-shots.
● Pyro King and Pro-pack have a finale item as the last item.
● Pyro King finale is Crackle Mania
● Pro Pack finale is OMG
● If you want to boost your finale, buy extras of your finale item and let off multiples of them at the same time

Rockets vs Multi-shots

● A big part of the Rocket Experience is the Take Off. The WHOOSH noise they make as they fly off high into the night sky is cool. The burst at the top is the icing on the cake.
● Rockets are best fired and watched one at a time. This is so that you can experience the take off and the climb to burst for each rocket without the distraction and interruption of other rockets or fireworks.
● If you want to fire many rockets this can involve a lot of handling and lighting. This is no problem and is actually great fun (lighting stuff is fun) but if you are firing them as part of a nonstop display, and you don’t want too many gaps, you have to be organised.
● If you have enough rocket launch tubes for every rocket then you can pre-load all your rockets. If you do not, you will need to reload your rocket launchers and having a helper for this task is essential.


● Multi-shots are commonly referred to as Cakes because historically they were round shaped like birthday cakes. Nowadays they are square shaped.
● Multi-shots give bigger and louder bursts than rockets because each shot contains more explosive powder.
● They also have more shots, more variety of effects and more intensity therefore are generally way more speccy than rockets.
● Therefore the general rule is to fire your rockets before your multi-shots.
● Another general rule is never fire rockets randomly when multi-shots are in the process of functioning because the rocket experience will be lost amongst the sights and sounds of the multishots. If you do this the rockets will be wasted.
● Therefore if you wish to feature some larger rockets during your multi-shots display, then you must ensure you do them in between the multishots in clean sky.

Rocket Assortment Firing order:

● The general rule is smallest to biggest.
● Whistling rockets are real crowd pleasers because they take off fast with a screaming whistle.
○ The whistling rockets are called Triple Bang Rocket, packet of 12.
○ Spread these throughout the firing order.