$750 The Works Bundle

The Works Bundle take it to the next level!!! Stepping up a level with more of the bigger multi-shots and larger effect Rockets ...... will be lots even more fun!

You are starting to get into the biggest and best of the range. We select what we think is the best variety, and value and going to give you the best all-round show!! From here you can then further select more of your favourites if you like.

This Bundle has ONLY Aerial effects (Multi Shots, Rockets and Roman Candles).

We have decided NOT to include Flyers, Firecrackers, Sparklers or Novelties, as some customers firing locations or events are not suitable for these items. We have left it to you to decide if you want any of these other ground-based fireworks.

There are LIMITED numbers of each Bundle at this discount price, so once they are gone, that is it! You can still order these fireworks at full price.

We Recommend:
Looking for another big finale item? Add more from our Multishot Range, for even more punch at the end!!!
Buying a Firing System to remotely fire the Multi-Shots in your Bundle, and ensure a more professional display for your audience.
Ideally, every multi-shot needs a cue; there are 12 cues in every firing system.
You decide how many Firing Systems you want and thus how many fireworks to fire remotely.

This Bundle has 95 pieces.

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12.65 kg

1 x Bombastic, 9 shot
1 x Comet Mania, 5 shots, 4 pc
1 x Gold Willows, 9 shot
1 x Kabooms, 8 shots, 4 pc
1 x Night Arrows, 6 pc
1 x Pro Pack Ultimate
1 x Rocket Assortment, 61 pc
1 x Smiley Face Rocket, 4 pc
1 x Stunner, 15 shot
1 x True Blue, 12 shot
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