Aces High

A great assortment to get things kicked off! Has a great range of everything and a mix of ..... aerial, novelties, rockets, crackers, sparklers and fountains!

Looking for a pack that's suitable for entertaining the younger children or teenagers in the family???? From quiet items to a little noisy, from low to high with lots of pieces and variety. The awesome variety will entertain a broad range of age groups but is mostly targeted at entertaining younger children and teenagers. So light 'em up and let the fun begin!

47 Pieces / or pkts: 20 Aerials (smaller multi shots, roman candles and Rockets), 9 Fountains,6 Ground spinners, 150 Crackers, 8 Sparklers, 6 Smoke balls, 3 pkt of Bang Snaps. You will be left wanting more!

Further detail:

Fountains need to be very close to spectators to be entertaining, absolutely no more than 10 m away. These fountains will entertain young children and teenagers, great to share with the family.
If you have no use for the fountains, then this pack is not for you. See our ALL Aerial Assortments.

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2.92 kg

Aerials: 1 x 10 Ball Roman Candles 6pk
1 x Fearless Freedom
1 x Saturn Missile 25 Shots
1 x Wistom Rocket 2oz 12pk
1 x Yellow Bee's
1 x Golden Flowers
1 x Fantastic Fountain
1 x Assorted Fountains 4 pk
1 x Magic Castle
1 x Uncle Fox
Crackers, Novelties, Sparklers:
1 x Bullet Cracker 100pk
1 x Flashcrackers 50s 1pk
1 x Bang Snaps 50pcs per pkt, 3pkts
1 x Smoke Balls 6pcs
1 x Ground Bloom Flower 6pcs
1 x 10" Sparklers 8pcs